Our First Christmas Tree

Have you ever thought of the level of creativity that a tree can generate?

Well, it is quite high!

When I first decided to decorate our first Chahine’s Christmas tree, after two years of marriage, in our beloved condo in Canada, I was both excited and worried, firm and distant.

How am I going to make the best of the Christmas trees I could imagine? Since it is our first tree at home, our first Christmas in Canada, our first Christmas as real husband and wife, it had to be special, carrying out an exceptional mood.

So, we decided to bring a natural green tree (because we wanted to try something new). I started then to conceive the design in my head: the tree in the corner, the Christmas crib under (oh! Wait a second! No, it’s almost impossible to make the crib under the tree. There is no place!), etc. Then, we decided to place the crib next to the chimney, facing the tree (and it is something, even though unintended, exceptional too!).

Then, I decided to decorate our home. It should be shining with the Christmas mood. So, I Chrismasized everything: lamps, tables, cushions, candles, flowers, doors, even electricity plugs… and yes, now, it looks like Christmas.







My tree may not be made of rich materials, but it is made with passion.
My tree may not be have expensive ornaments, but is has rich feelings.

My tree is not decorated with crystal balls, but it is sealed with an elegant touch.
My tree may not be snow-covered, but it is white-hearted.

My tree may not be big, but it is growing with peace and disputes, love and madness, energy and life.

Cool! That’s a warm and cozy piece of home. I really like what I have made!

I said earlier that it began to look like Christmas and that everything was set and prepared. But there is something missing, we are still not in the mood of Christmas.


It is then when I realized that Christmas is not only about decorations and trees, it is family, it is love, it is the birth of Jesus Christ. I already know all these things, I have always recognized them. But this is the first time in which I really miss them. I am miles away from my family in Lebanon, I take the love of my husband for granted, and Jesus Christ, He is always sleeping in my heart. No. I’m more convinced than ever that these three elements are the basis of Christmas: Jesus, family, and love, combined with the Christmas tree, the decorations and the carols.


That said, enjoy your Christmas time next to your families, as I cannot do so; express your love verbally and personally to the ones you admire and care for (give them a warm hug) as I will be doing so via phones and social media; and find the right time to contemplate the greatness of this season, the reason of these holidays: Jesus Christ as I will always do that anywhere and everywhere.

Alleluia, Jesus is born.

Merry Christmas to you all!

To read the French version, click here.


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